Resources and References

Thank you to everyone who joined us.
Here're some resources and references from speakers.

Thank you to everyone who joined us.
Here're some resources and references from speakers.

Thank you to everyone who joined us.
Here're some resources and references from speakers.


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Economics of Happiness Conferences Series (video)

This video summarises The Economics of Happiness Conference Series run by Local Futures to kick-start critical debate about the global corporate economy and on exploring alternatives that benefit society as well as the environment.

Local Futures

To view upcoming Local Futures events click here, for details of Local Futures publications click here , or here for a range of activist tools and resources endorsed by Local Futures.  To view other ways of getting involved with Local Futures, click here for Programmes or here for a range of self-organising suggestions.

Happy City Initiative

To find out more about Happy City, visit  For the Thriving Places Index click here and to see the Happiness Pulse click here.  Happy City's training offer is here and information about campaigning work is here.

Helena Norberg Hodge

Helena Norberg Hodge (video)

This is the video of Helena Norberg Hodge's opening plenary speech about localisation as a way of making the anti-democratic global corporate hegemony redundant.

Michael Shuman

Michael Shuman (Video)

This video is of Michael Shuman's  opening plenary speech about ways of encouraging and promoting the localization of finance, including innovations in securities, banking, and tax laws.

Liz Zeidler

Liz Zeidler (Video)

This Video is of Liz Zeidler's opening plenary statement about how Happy City's measures introduce a new compass for economies everywhere - one that promotes both the conditions and behaviours for improving the wellbeing of people and planet based on the strengths of local communities.

Andrew Simms

Andrew Simms (video)

Andrew critiques the debt-based global economy, with inspiring lessons from history about communal efforts for rapid change in the face of crises. A healthier economy working sustainably within ecological limits.

Colin Tudge

Colin Tudge (Video)

This is a video of Colin Tudge's opening statement about how small scale food production can feed the world, challenging the belief that there's no alternative to industrial agriculture.

Chris Brink

Chris Brink (video)

Author of 'The Soul of a University', Chris recorded this video contribution to our workshop on education and leadership. We asked:  How might universities respond better to the needs and demands of society in relation to local economies and leadership?

Diana Finch

Diana Finch referenced a paper on 'Framing the Economy' on how to win the case for a better system, cited a talk by Michael Shuman on the relative merits of locally vs globally owned work, and shared the website for the Bristol Pound.

Maddy Harland

Offered an explanation of what permaculture is here, general information at, a statement on carbon sequestration and economics here, a video resource library on permaculture, here and notable projects Shift Bristol and Drawdown here.

Dimitri Houtart

Referenced the latest IPCC report on climate change; the UN State of Food and Agriculture Report, the 4 per 1000 initiative on food security and climate change, and research on the price of food in the UK.

Naresh Giangrande

Represented the CTRL Shift Emergency Summit for Change, urging people to connect and join.

Ed Rowberry

Described the Bristol and Bath Regional Capital (BBRC) investment vehicle and the associated Bristol City Funds initiative as a local case study of BBRC partnershp working in action.

Michael Shuman

 Offered a handbook on local investment for Washington State, and an essay for the Next System Project on devolution, which furthers the dialogue about political and economic reform.

Patrick Robinson

Referenced the Mental Health at Work Gateway here

Nicola Round/Adblock Bristol

Offered a blog related to their workshop here, a main Adblock Bristol website here, with invitations to join the mailing list here, and to attend their next meeting on 21 Nov here.

David Clarke

Referenced Positive Money's website here  and their twitter account here

Three Views: How to bring about a Wellbeing Economy

Andrew Simms, Liz Zeidler and Colin Tudge offer thoughts on how to transform economic thinking to produce greater wellbeing.

Why do we need a Wellbeing Economy?

Andrew Simms, Liz Zeidler, Colin Tudge and Helena Norberg-Hodge give views on why a wellbeing economy is important.

Helena Norberg Hodge on Golbalisation

Helena Norberg Hodge shares her view that globalisation is the problem humans need to understand and address.

Special thanks to CrissCross Films, who produced all the videos at the conference itself

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