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Local Futures and Happy City are jointly hosting the 18th International Economics of Happiness Conference in Bristol. The event takes place between 19 and 21 October 2018.

The Economics of Happiness Conference Series is focused on kick-starting critical debate about the global corporate economy and on exploring alternatives that benefit society as well as the environment. The conferences have been hailed as an ‘antidote to anger, contraction and despair’. The series is lighting the fuse for a new economy in many parts of the world simultaneously.

Previously hosted in Japan, USA, Italy, South Korea, Australia and India.

Testimonials from previous conferences:

“This conference was truly inspiring – I nearly teared up walking back to my car at the end of it. Overall, I thought it was a wonderful antidote to ‘Trumpism’ and a much-needed gathering in these dangerous and dark times.”

“It shook up my thinking, and increased my sensitivity to the negative role of large corporations in our society.”

“I’m so excited there’s a well-developed movement that supports ideas I’ve been independently exploring, and that there’s an opportunity for me to contribute.”

Below you can find two animations that give you a short taste of some of the topics you can expect to cover at the conference.

Going Local, Globally

Happiness beyond GDP

Economics of Happiness Conferences bring together an international mix of change makers that are offering solutions to the growing crisis we face – from widespread financial insecurity to epidemics of anxiety and depression, from climate change to the erosion of democracy. We will be looking beyond the outdated theatre of Left/Right politics to explore the foundations of systemic change.

This highly participative event features a mix of speakers, films, workshops, forums and activities to explore the power of local responses to effect Big Picture change.

The goal of the conference is to provide the ideas, inspiration and tools for positive change that will lead to both personal and planetary wellbeing.

This, we believe, is the most important single thing
we can do to create a better world.


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